The 1542cc Hand-Crafted Full Moon Akrapovic Motorcycle

The Full Moon was designed with Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles, who also partnered with Akrapovic back in 2011 to create the custom Morsus chopper. This promo bike is a continuance of the Morsus, but made to suit to a different audience.

Akrapovic says: “This is an extremely technically advanced motorcycle, full of unique elements that were carefully chosen to make the bike totally exclusive, and the shape hides completely new solutions used on a custom bike for the first time.”

Credit: pemotoare

The name doesn’t compliment the colossal back end, but rather its 30 inch aluminum and carbon fiber front wheel, because well – it looks like a Full Moon. Twin exhausts are planted directly in the sheet metal body – so you can consider the entire motorcycle to be one large exhaust.

Credit: pemotoare

The bike comes equipped with ceramic brakes, automatic steering and hydraulic suspension which allows it to rest on the frame instead of using a kickstand. It also features a full exposed 1542cc engine from S&S, who also builds the Morgan 3 Wheeler’s V-Twin engine.

Yext Source: motorcycle-central


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