Most AMAZING High-Tech Military Vehicles

Find out where the military technology is heading in the future by watching 15 most fascinating military machines that are under development and will be entered in the service in the coming decades while others are already in service.

These machines are equipped with high-end stealth technologies that can mimic other common objects and hide from not only the conventional radars but also infrared sensors by tricking them into believing that a tank is merely a car.

Credit: gizmodo

In the midst of this advanced technology, you will also experience where the military was in World War II regarding revolutionary new technologies. The funny looking obsolete military tech that we disregard by saying it’s old-fashioned was once a technological breakthrough.

Credit: foxtrotalpha

You will also see the vehicles like Marauder and General Dynamics Flyer that can survive any hostile environment and attacks from grenades and landmines so sit tight and enjoy a trip to technological advancements of military vehicles.

Text credit: TT


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