Angry Grandpa Turns Soft When He’s “Surprised” With His Dream Car

Green got his first car, a 1955 Bel Air when he was 16. His sister borrowed the car when she drove to California. The car broke down on the way there and his sister sold it to a junkyard.

“Instead of calling us (to) go get it, they sold it to the junkyard,” said Green, still upset some 50 years later.

His son bought him a house last year. This year he bought him the car. Green stood next to the car in the store parking lot and had his picture taken.

They walked out of the store intending to get another picture with the car. When they emerged, the car was gone.

They were home later in the day when Green walked outside and saw the car parked in the driveway.

“That’s the same car from Piggly Wiggly,”  his son said. “I teased you with it a little.”

Green took off his glasses and started to cry as he checked out his new car. “It’s yours,” his son said. “Come look at it.”

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Via: PBP