Baby Rhino Charges Repeatedly At a Car to Show Them Who’s Boss

This baby rhino clearly thinks he’s bigger than he is – as he was caught on camera making an adorable attempt to charge a car load of tourists.

The little rhino initially charges towards the cameraman at the game reserve in South Africa, however when another car pulls up behind him, he quickly changes direction.

The energetic baby can’t decide who he wants attention from and charges from one car to the other. The rhino repeatedly charge in between both cars, with an elder rhino watching from the side path.

His moment was captured by Brendon Arnesen in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve in ZuluLand, a district in South Africa.

Brendon said: ‘The game reserve allows you to do self-drive tours in your own vehicle, but the last thing that we had expected to see was a newly born, playful rhino!’

Credit: Nat Geo WILD

The baby rhino eventually gets tired and makes his way off into the bush, along with his mum.

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Via: ZM


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