The Most Beautiful Display Of Cardistry We’ve Ever Seen

The creators of the video said no strings or CGI was used to make this video, but seriously, how can this be real?

The video was for the launch of their new FW17 Virtuoso deck. In the video description, here’s a note from The Virts about “RISE”:

“Our stubbornness as Cardists doubling as filmmakers resulted in a few interesting restrictions that we imposed upon ourselves:

If this “Fall” vision were to be captured, it would have to be done with no CG. Everything had to be filmed in-camera and performed by ourselves with with a real deck of cards. Next, there would be no use of green screen, compositing, or other camera trickery. The furthest we agreed upon was the reversal of several scenes – and only if they genuinely added to the story we wanted to tell.

Credit: thevirts

And finally, the cards used could not be gimmicked in anyway – no strings, magnets or anything of the sort. If what we envisioned could not be accomplished by our technique, then the idea was scrapped.

Thankfully, after months of planning, testing, and of course…failing, we finally had the opportunity to transform our vision into a reality.”

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Source: ZM


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