We Bought A SHERP – The Unstoppable Off-Road Machine!

Well what a crazy few days it has been, we got the chance to go and pick up our very own Sherp. This does not mean we are quitting atv’s and sxs’s at all lol, just another tool to make it places nothing else can make it. Help out with trail clearing and atv/sxs rescues. Hope you guys like the video, stay tuned for part 2.

SHERP All-terrain vehicle is the development, having no analogues in the world in terms of its capabilities and features. These reliable vehicles are indispensable tools for anyone who is not willing to put up with severe environment and for people overcoming a great variety of difficulties at their work that is to rescuers, geologists, oilmen and hunters.

This Russian-made, adult-sized Tonka truck may have only 44.3 hp, but it turns on a dime, has two seats and an ample cargo area, can climb obstacles over two feet tall, and can swim with ease thanks to oversized self-inflated tires. It also has a durable polymer coating on the outside for added toughness, a 15.3 gallon fuel tank, and optional add-ons like another 15 gallon tank in the wheels, a generator, independent heater, and high-powered headlights.

We have been unable to make it past the first 100ft or so on P trail in over 5 years, ever since experiencing the Sherp on our visit to Russia one thing has never left my mind! Can we do P trail!! lol. The toughest part of P trail is the couple feet of water is standing on several feet of sticky, gooey quicksand like muskeg lol, the atv’s and sxs’s can only make it so far pushing the gooey mess before it stacks up so high you can not go any further, we have tried several times and always the same result! We got in touch with the Canadian dealers and they brought out 2 brand new Sherps to give it a go.

Things really cooled down quickly up here the last few weeks so we were not sure if we were going to find some weak ice lol. Well we found some and the Sherp handled it incredibly.

What an awesome October we had! Found some super challenging trails and got to hang out with our awesome riding buds! The Sherp is proving to be an incredible machine! All though I sure wish I had the Renegade for that long straight patch of skeg lol.

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