The Bulldog 4X4 Extreme Is the World’s Most Badass Fire Truck

Do you want a one of a kind, multi-purpose, all-terrain, do anything, go anywhere truck for your department? You’ve come to the right place. Howe and Howe Technologies, the custom vehicle experts, realize that some departments are in unique situations whether it be due to terrain or climate and simply need something different. Thus, the ability to customize your department’s very own Bulldog.

Finally a production 4X4 Pumper done right for the right price. Built by the off-road experts for extreme situations and absolute reliability; Bulldog is 2,000 gallons of go anywhere and the only truck certain to get your water or foam to where its needed.

​Based on the indestructible International 7400 4X4 platform and equipped with 54″ military Hemmit tires, Bulldog is one of the most capable off-road fire trucks on the market today. Growing in popularity and evolving to meet tomorrows needs, Bulldog sets the industry standards for all terrain, off-road, multi-use fire trucks.

Via: 4x4firetruck