College watercraft project Jet Blade has three-ski design

The Jet Blade is a new and unique personal watercraft. The goal of Team 6 is to design a personal watercraft (PWC) that will provide the user with an unparalleled experience in water sports activities.

The Jet Blade is a single rider personal watercraft that is stable yet agile. The Jet Blade will incorporate a three-ski design that utilizes two skis in the front of the craft and one ski in the rear.

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These skis are located in spaced relation below an aluminum hull and operate to hydro-dynamically lift the Jet Blade to a cruise position by relative water flow upon the undersides of the skis.


The rear ski is attached to a horizontal jet pump that is powered by a 650cc water-cooled engine.


The front suspension implements an Active Tilt steering design that will allow for the agility.



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