Crazy Man Gets Bitten By A Giant Desert Centipede

Coyote Peterson has made a name for himself in part because he’s been stung and bitten by some frightening things in the name of education. The naturalist has worked his way through the Insect Sting Pain Index and even took time to interview entomologist Justin Schmidt, who is largely responsible for the research behind the index.

In the latest clip on his Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, Coyote Peterson takes a sting from the Giant Desert Centipede. This creature is said to have a sting more painful than the bite of a rattlesnake.

The Giant Desert Centipedes live in the Southwestern US and bites on humans are so rare that there’s really not even any data out there on how many people get bitten per year. It can get up to 8” long and has nearly 50 legs. It can take up to five hours for the pain to dissipate.

Via: Brave Wilderness


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