DIY Jet Engine GasTurbine Afterburner Test Will Make Your Summer

Really, no joke, this dude built this afterburner and jet engine all on his own. And, this dude is also the one who does the testing of his insane jet engine afterburner gas turbine. When you click play, you will be SHOCKED by the jet engine noise of this DIY jet engine.

Also, the flame that shoots out of this afterburner jet engine will leave you in awe with your jaw on the ground, and then how red hot this afterburner get will be so amazing that you will call your kids into the room to watch it.

Credit: andy morris

The dang engine gets so hot, that I was waiting for it to start to melt into a pool of molten metal.

The builder built this engine based upon the jet engine that powered the world-record-setting Trident Peel car at Santa Pods.

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