Donald Devotees Build Outrageous Trump Mobile

TWO of Donald Trump’s biggest super-fans have manufactured a whacky vehicle to honor his time as US President.

Decorated in red, white and blue, ‘The Trump Mobile’ is made of two Mercedes Benz wagons and other parts from 43 different cars – and it is covered in pro-Trump signs and memorabilia including a mini-Trump statue perched on the roof.

Image credit: alipac

Finnish couple, Karl and Nina Lindroos, spend most of their time living in Florida and they are responsible for the build that they believe helped Trump gain power in the 2016 US election.

Image credit: alipac

And the married duo are showing no signs of slowing down as they are hoping to use the ‘mobile’ to help the controversial leader retain his power in 2020.

Via: Barcroft Cars


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