Drunk Idiots Crash Boat By Driving It Out of an Inflatable Pool

You know you’ve had too much to drink if you did some stupid stunt you don’t even remember the next day, except for your angry wife.

Two highly intoxicated men managed to pull off one of the most ridiculous stunts you can imagine when they took a boat for a spin and launched it off an inflatable pool inside a huge garage.

It’s not clear what made them decide to do this, but the real question is how the heck did they manage to arrive at this setup? Even the angry wife wasn’t able to dissuade the two drunks from achieving their goal and started pulling up a ropeless anchor before taking off, causing them to land on the hard concrete floor.

Youtube: Randy Zelman

Would love to see their reactions when they see the clip the next morning.

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Source: ZM


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