Duo Build World’s Fastest Legal Drivable V8 Shopping Cart

A PETROLHEAD has built what he believes is the world’s fastest shopping trolley, which he has affectionately dubbed the ’Shopper Chopper’. The custom creation, made by US patent office clerk Calvin VanSant, 52, from Pennsylvania, is also the world’s only street legal drivable shopping trolley.

The current official record for the ‘world’s fastest shopping trolley’ is 45mph (72kph), set by British-based petrolhead Matt McKeown in 2013, but Calvin’s cart does 50mph on the motorway and he says it has a high speed of 80mph.


At a height of 10ft, the trolley is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just 1.3 tonnes – the same weight as a small family car – and has a V8 engine.

Via: BarcroftTV