EXTREME Caterpillar Tractor Dominates Downhill Like a BOSS

Caterpillar are known for creating some of the finest construction and mining equipment in the world. Since the mid 1920’s the company has been dedicated to offering its consumers equipment that was reliable and fully functional.

Time after time they have proven their skill and talent within the industry and in this video we are lucky enough to see one of their heavy duty tractors in full action.

Credit: Marek Zaród

Ad soon as this video starts it is easy to see the effort and skill put into building a dominant piece of equipment.

Credit: Marek Zaród

This massive tractors eases down a dirt hill effortlessly and shows both its off road capability and handling through even the roughest terrain! It is pretty damn impressive to see this beast in full action! To watch the tractor dominate click the video below!

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Text source: legendaryspeed


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