Fake Mannequins Scaring People On The Street is a Pleasure To Watch

Prank videos these days tend to be grossly inappropriate or just plain mean. This, however, is an innocent return to just scaring the pants off some people.

The hilarious video has emerged of two men dressed as mannequins scaring people in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon.

The footage, shot on October 31 by collective HowAboutBeirut, shows the men standing still, pretending they are clothes displays outside a shop.

Each time someone walks past them they move, triggering all kinds of surprised reactions.

One woman almost fell over she was so shocked by the encounter.

Alex Stifler and Jad Khawandi are the comedic duo behind HowAboutBeirut, and they share their prankster videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Their tagline is: ‘Basically f*****g with people on the streets of Beirut’ and ‘giving people heart attacks.’

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Source: ZM


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