Floating Caravan Lets You Go Glamping in Style

Glamping is a fast becoming a trend among those who can afford it. Why spend time in the great outdoors with only the bare essentials when you can go camping in comfort and style? If you love nature and also want to get a taste of glamping on both land and water, this floating caravan is the ideal equipment for you.

The Sealander is an amphibious caravan designed to function as a boat. It can be hauled and used on land as well as float on the water.

It has a waterproof chassis made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and has an electric motor that can go up to 9 km/h.

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It has the amenities fit for glamping, with a bed that can be converted into benches and a retractable sunroof if you want to soak up some rays.

Now that’s some next level glamping right there.

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Source: ZM


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