The Future of Training Racehorses? Equine ‘Roller Coaster’ Divides Opinion

It might look like something from a theme-park but this new £20 million machine designed by rollercoaster engineers is actually putting young racehorses through their paces.

The machine, dubbed the Kurtsystem, is designed to eliminate jockeys’ human error and can take up to 10 horses at varying speeds from a trot to a 30 mile per hour canter round a mile long all weather surface.

The track, based at Kingswood Stud in Lambourn, also features state of the art medical technology which monitors the horses’ heart rate and breathing as well as bone and muscular development.


It is hoped the new machine will eliminate human intervention which according to Kurtsystems is often detrimental to a horses’ development and can prematurely end a horses’ racing career.

The unique machine was designed by Mehmet Kurt, one of Turkey’s leading industrialists and entrepreneurs and can also be used to rehabilitate older horses which have been injured.

Via: Caters Clips


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