Great White Shark Circles And Bites Fishermens Boat

This is the terrifying moment a 15ft great white shark left a group of fishermen hanging on for dear life after it BIT their boat’s motor after slamming the vessel with its tail.

Darcy Russell, 20, and cousin Andrew Russell, 31, filmed their petrifying close encounter with the fearless fish as it eyeballed them from the water just a mile off the coast of Port MacDonnell, South Australia, on Saturday (June 10).

In the footage, the spooked fishermen can be heard exclaiming ‘holy f*ck’ as the monster animal spent 10 minutes repeatedly circling their boat before gnawing the outboard motor.

Youtube: Caters TV

Apprentice cabinet maker Darcy, from Coleraine, Victoria, said: “We were only about 2km

from the beach and we were trying to catch gummy sharks and school sharks to eat.

Via: Caters Clips