In Hamburg You Can Cruise on the River on a MAN Amphibious Bus

Imagine driving yourself around town and you have to go to work on the other side of the bridge but there is a traffic jam. What are you going to do? Just take the RiverBus, it can take you through the river with ease and transport as many passengers as possible.

The concept of the amphibious car has stayed the same but it is only the scale of the vehicle that has been changed. It must have taken weeks and weeks of hard work for the people at MAN to fully develop and construct the HafenCity RiverBus. In the short video you can see how it actually does that. Just to be on the safe side, there is a lifebuoy.


Imagine how cool you would look when your colleagues take a look outside their window and see you being taken to work with a bus over the river. What do you think; could this new technology be the future and the solution to all the traffic jams in the cities?

Text source: musclecarszone


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