Harley Davidson Sidecar Car 4-wheeler Scooter Sportster Ironhead

The “Scooter”, an unusual custom 4-wheeler powered by a Sportster Ironhead 1000 cc engine, with the body of a Harley Davidson sidecar.
Build by Emporium Garage Italy. The block is a HD Ironhead 1975, the wheels come from an old beetle and are equipped with bias tires.

The bodywork was made by Davide Aresi and AD Kustom Furniture, while leather work inside was done by Pach Production. The paint job is by Domingo and Paolo from the Cielle Art Factory.

Credit: My Passions

It’s a good idea to place the tank and battery in a separate small tank on the side. Stylish and safe.

Credit: My Passions

The scooter has the usual clutch, gas and brake pedals and a manual transmission.

Via: My Passions


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