Hit-and-Run Driver Tried to Get Away – Then a Man Took Out a Hammer

An entire community attempts to stop an asshole from leaving the scene of an accident. And then, hammer time!

A hit-and-run crash quickly turned chaotic Sunday morning when the driver tried to get away, only to be stopped by very good Samaritans — one of whom had a sledge hammer.

Video shows a silver Infiniti trying to back up and flee the scene after driving onto oncoming traffic. When the SUV attempts to take a side street, a clan of people approaches the car, which sported a hanging front fender, screaming and slamming on the vehicle.


One of the witnesses of the crash pulls out a hammer and smashes several windows as another person yanks off the car door handle — all while the car is still moving.

The video ends with the SUV finding a path out of the gathered pedestrians. Another SUV can be seen making a U-turn and following close behind.

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Source: ZM


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