The Honda Hot Hatch That Gives Birth To A Motorcycle

When purchasing a car, buyers seriously consider all the cool features that come with it to get more bang for the buck. But with all the modern conveniences available, this old car may be at the top of the list for being so extra.

We’ve got to hand it to the Japanese for their ingenuity, specifically in the automotive sector when they manufactured this hot hatch that gives birth to a nifty scooter as a second vehicle tucked in the trunk.

Credit: Jalopnik

This Honda City Turbo is an amazing piece of machine released back in the 80s, which featured a 1237cc ‘hyper turbo’ engine. But this hot hatch’s looks and power weren’t the only impressive things that had going on, since it had a folding scooter you could pop out of the back and ride on smaller, inaccessible roads.

Credit: Jalopnik

Shut up and take my money.

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