The Most INSANE Trick Shot EVER!

Making a 165 foot (50m) basketball shot on flat ground is basically impossible (in fact the world record is 34.29 m / 112 ft 6 in) so when you add in an island lighthouse and a moving ship with a hoop on the bow, the difficulty goes up 100 fold.

BUT, Australian YouTubers “How Ridiculous” made the impossible a reality by banking this exact shot in Istanbul with only a few attempts.

The lighthouse is called “Maiden’s Tower” and is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is almost 1000 years old and a very popular tourist attraction in the city.

Youtube: How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous also made 3 other basketball trick shots at other famous Istanbul landmarks in promotion of the recent Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four basketball Tournament held in Istanbul

Via: How Ridiculous


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