International Harvester 400 Diesel Twin Engine Garrett Tractor

This tractor was built by Dewight Garrett in 1956 and consists of two International 400 Diesel Tractor engines mounted side by side. The tractor belongs to Harry Lee from Elnora, Indiana who has several custom built International Harvester Tractors! Two include his custom built “Hillside Special” consisting of 2 Farmall 20 Tractors mounted side by side and his Triple 30, with 3 F-30 Tractor Engines mounted side by side.

Harry bought the tractor in January 2002. He hauls the tractor – along with all his other home-built models – to shows throughout the U.S.

Photo & text credit: farmshow

“It handles beautifully. I really enjoy driving it, especially since I built my own Farmall F-20 twin engine tractor that is somewhat similar,” says Harry. “The diesel engines each have about 60 hp.

Photo & text credit: farmshow

At the time it was made, it was the largest farm tractor equipped with rubber tires and weighed 15,380 lbs. When I first got the tractor I used it to pull a 4-bottom plow and a 15-shank field cultivator. Now demonstrating it at shows is my full-time hobby.

Texto source: farmshow


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