The Knockout Boxer Who’s Only 9

Nicknamed the “Pink Panther” due to the colour of her boxing outfit, the undefeated nine-year-old’s lightning-fast punches have won her a total of nine fights – half of them against boys in an older age category.

Her deadly shots and quick footwork were honed with the help of her father and coach Artem Makogonenko.

Little Kira, from Kharkov, Ukraine, has only been in training for one year, but wowed audiences online with videos of her shadow sparring with her dad while blindfolded.

Outside the ring her training and skills have also helped her defend herself against bullies at school.

She said: “There was one boy, he was standing behind me and insulting me. I simply turned around and punched him in his stomach and he just fell down and started whining.

“He didn’t know I do boxing. So, you know, what goes around, comes around.”

Kira added: “I have participated in nine fights and won all of them. Five of them were with boys and three with girls. The first fight was with a boy. I was training a lot and beat him up.

“I do consider myself the best boxer, because I’m being coached by my father and I think I’ll manage to be a successful one.

“I was doing gymnastics at first, and then both my mom and I asked my dad to start doing boxing with me. At first he was hesitant, but after the first training session, he let me continue.

Via: Barcroft TV


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