The Largest High-speed Glass Bottom Boat LOOKER 440GB

The largest glass bottom sightseeing commercial hydrofoil boat in the LOOKER family, LOOKER 440GB offers 40-passenger capacity.

Spacious, luxurious and stylish, was created as the ultimate passenger experience vessel with no expense spared. Unmatched passenger comfort makes LOOKER 440GB stand out among its competition.

Outfitted with two powerful and reliable Mercury inboard diesel engines, is a trusted tourism business workhorse with the looks of a dolphin. It is ideal for large volume tourism business that strives to offer mass customization.

Credit: paritetboat

LOOKER boats are known for their ergonomic design, efficient fuel consumption and a unique style that guarantees to draw customers’ attention and interest while creating a distinctive and memorable brand image for your business.

More info: paritetboat


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