The Largest Jumbo Jet RC 747 Model in The World

People have asked, is this bigger than Adi Patz’s 747-400? Yes, slightly, that one has a span of 4.95m, this one is 5.21m, similar increase in length. Andy is an engineer for QANTAS in Perth at Perth airport and has access to Boeing design and maintenance documents including the full drawings of the 747-400, and developed his own plans from these. So it is from a completely original and different source to Adi Patz’s.

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Full credit to Adi’s fantastic RC 747, that was around before this one and is an awesome model with many fans, and rightly so.

It was the world’s largest RC 747 for some years until this one was built and is still one of the world’s best giant scale RC models. There are several larger RC planes, but this is the largest RC 747. This is the -400 model.

Another fantastic RC 747

Via: Bernard W