How To Make a Dining Table by Make it Extreme

This time another dining table was made by the make it extreme team using the combination of metal and wood as the previous time.

First, we made and designed a metallic framework which was relatively simple, nice and ergonomic. Our framework shapes a frame around the wood that is 6 cm wide while the legs that support the frame are 80 x 80 mm wide and 69 cm long. Therefore, the table is 75 cm tall. The four legs of our dining table are connected with two triangles at the bottom side and these triangles are connected with a square tube.

The reason making these triangles besides the fact that is aesthetically prettier is also functional as the triangles gives the potential to another two persons to sit on the table and be able to touch their feet down.
Moreover, the wooden surface that was placed on the top part of the frame, was made by a branch of an olive tree that was cut in wood.After processing and cleaning the wood from weeds, we conglutinated each piece of wood with the other in order to make a surface with dimensions of 90cm x 190cm.

All details:

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