Man Builds “Tankenstein” from WW2 Tank

Car-crazy customiser Shawn Cormier, from Ontario, Canada, spent five years building the vehicle – whose name is a pun on Frankenstein’s monster.

The hotrod is constructed around the base of a World War II brand gun cure from 1944, with a Chevy drive train, a small block Chevy turbo 350 trim mission, a standard four gear in the back and the top part of the cab is a 1947 Mercury truck.

Trankenstien is powered by a 305, its got roughly about 175 horse power, she will do about 45-50 miles and hour top end that is red lined.

Credit: Barcroft Cars

While it took about $2,500 to build, Shawn has received offers up to $20,000 for his hotrod – but has no desire to sell the truck.

He said: “I’d probably never sell Tankenstien, I have been offered a lot of money for it before but I mean there is only one so if I sell it, what would I have after that? A whole bunch of money? What good is that? There is only one of these so if I sell it what am I gonna do then?”

Shawn is also the proud owner of a Black Widow monster truck, but says his beloved Tankenstein is the favourite of his crazy vehicles.

Source: Barcroft Cars


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