A Mechanic Has Built Australia’s First Hypercar – Quantum GP700

The Quantum GP700 was born out of the seven-year passion project of its creator, Jeff David. Aimed at producing breathtaking performance in a road legal car – the Quantum can reach 0-60mph in a staggering 2.6 seconds. Jeff, who resides in Victoria, Australia, worked for around 1,800 hours to develop his masterpiece that is now worth approximately $700,000.

Jeff, 62, told Barcroft TV: “The Quantum is a culmination of my life-long dream to build a super car.” Boasting a one to one power to weight ratio of 751kW/tonne, the Quantum has more than double that of a Lamborghini Aventador and is just a fraction slower than your average Formula 1 car.

Jeff used his work on a previous Ariel Atom chassis to start from scratch and create the Quantum 700 with his practiced knowledge – the 700 represents both the horsepower it produces and the incredibly low 700 kilos it weighs.

With an impressive price tag, Jeff has admitted his ultimate Quantum vehicle is not for sale. Although, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of building a new model if he found an eager customer.

Via: Barcroft Cars


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