Meet ‘Mortis’ – The 1967 Cadillac Superior 6×6 Monster Hearse

Built by master mechanic and Naples, Idaho-native Jimmy Driver, the 10ft high, 20,000 lbs beast known as ‘Mortis’ has been causing a stir in the local community.

Supported by six massive 60-inch tires, Mortis was assembled entirely from scrap parts, including the chassis of a 1967 Cadillac superior, as well as parts from school buses and tractors.

The hulking hearse was designed so Jimmy could compete in local mud bogging competitions, which sees vehicles of all types being driven through tricky mud courses.


Mud bogging provided Jimmy with a fun hobby to pursue during the freezing Naples winters, and once he tried it out, he quickly realised he needed a vehicle that wouldn’t keep getting stuck.

Because of its imposing physicality, the beast itself will only reach speeds of up to 12 mph. But the monster hearse’s huge build and slow crawl is perfect for traversing the rocks and mud bogs of rural Idaho.

Despite sinking around $15,000 into Mortis, Jimmy estimates that it’s probably only worth around $500.

But money is the last thing on Jimmy’s mind. The mechanic is happy to have the experiences Mortis brings and continue working on his creation with friends.

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