The Mind Bending World of Contortionists

Renowned contortionist Jorge Ivan Latorre Robles has a medical condition that makes him super stretchy.

“I discovered at 18 that I was like feeling a little bit stretchy. Then I discovered that my arms and my bones were dislocating in my body also…like this! Then I discovered it was a syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

But not all contortionists have this condition, and typically mastering the art takes a lot of hard work. Yousef Al Bahtini is a 12 year old contortionist living in Gaza. He started training at a young age, encouraged by his family, he learnt using Youtube videos.

Credit: Getty Images TV

Whilst Yousef is self-taught, there are entire schools dedicated to the art of contortion, with high concentrations of academies in places like Mongolia, where contortion dates back to the time of Ghengis Khan.

If becoming a contortionist sounds like a stretch too far for you, maybe the best way to enjoy this art form is watching from the side lines.

Via: Getty Images TV


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