There are Motorhomes and Then There is a Ferrari F1 Motorhome

The single-seat racecars themselves may be the most impressive bits of machinery a Formula One team brings to the circuit, but the vehicles you see on the track are not the end of the story. The trucks in which they’re transported and which serve as mobile bases for the team’s trackside operations are almost as impressive in their own right.

Used by the Ferrari Formula 1 team between 2003 and 2013, the motorhome is a complete unit designed to travel around the globe to support the drivers, their teams and the cars themselves.

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This pair of transporters include two scarlet red Iveco Stralis tractors and a pair of matching custom trailers made by AstaCar in Reggio Emilia, just 45 minutes down the autostrada from Maranello. One trailer was made to transport the F1 cars, and the other as a mobile office and repair shop. They can deploy once parked to a height of 23 feet for two floors and cover an area of over 2,000 square feet.

The unit expands from a HGV trailer to offer twin-level facilities including offices, workshops, sleeping quarters and everything a team could need during a race weekend.

The exterior of the vehicle, its upholstery and decor is naturally in the Italian marque’s characteristic racing red.

Source: autoblog – Vía: Matt Topp


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