Parker Brothers Concepts 2017 Neutron Bike

Check out the Neutron E-Motorcycle a very powerful electric motorcycle from the creative think tank known as PBC or Parker Brothers Concept. This monstrous looking bike was deemed “unbuildable” by various automotive and motorcycle specialist when its concept hit the silver screen.

But this didn’t stop the Parker Brother, they only saw it as a challenge and with persistence and determination they brought this futuristic electronic bike into our present-day reality.

Credit: ParkerBrosConcepts

Moving at a top speed of up to 100 miles per hour, this monster motorcycle is a class of its own. The Neutron E-Motorcycle features a dual bub-less wheel, which spin the custom made tires seamlessly, giving it an appearance that the bike is floating off the ground when on top speed.

Its sweet sweeping curves and luminescent details make Neutron an outstanding motorcycle.

Only a limited number of the Neuron bikes are available now. They have been used in professional events and magazines.

Text source: acesspage


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