Proof That Aliens Exist: Time-Lapse Life Cycle Of The Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle

Here’s proof that the Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle is a alien. This time-lapse footage showing the complete life cycle of this monstrosity will make you a believer.

There’s simply no explanation for something like this existing on Planet Earth unless it’s extraterrestrial. When I first saw this I just assumed it was viral marketing for Alien: Covenant, but this is in fact legit.

This shows the complete life cycle of an alien, from pupa to beetle, and it’s proof that we’re walking amongst alien species here on earth.

Too much focus has been placed on illegal aliens in recent days, and nobody is focusing on the fact that we’re inhabiting the same planet as actually terrifying alien creatures.

We need to shift the conversation and get people noticing these crazy MoFos before it’s too late.

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Source: ZM


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