How to Roll Guard to Install Larger Tires in a Car

Want bigger tires and more swag for your car? It is possible to some extent. A car’s mudguard is designed to protect car’s engine and its body from dirt and all other elements that can cause erosion.

But when we try to install a larger tire than manufacturer’s recommendation we encounter the problem of the guard being too narrow. As wider tire need more clearance inside wheel arch to fully do its job.

Credit: The Tool Connection Limited

The tool you are going to see today is called Guard Roller. It is not only used to fancy up your car but is an essential repair tool. It can easily remove dents on wheel arch of a car.

Credit: The Tool Connection Limited

Use a heat gun to warm the metal enough that the paint is not chipped off the wheel arc by the pressure you will be applying to expand the width of the wheel arc.

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