Russian Jet Performs Dangerous Stunt Close to Cargo Plane

This footage shows the moment a Russian jet flied feet away from a open cargo door whist on mission over Syria. Sukhoi Su-30 close to cargo aircraft moments after good are dropped out of the sky.

Russia’s aviation does not cease to amaze with its unusual visual maneuvers.
In a new video, an IL-76 military aircraft delivers humanitarian cargo to the Deir az-Zor province, while guarded by the Su-30SM multifunctional fighter.

After the cargo is let go, the Su 30 literally looked inside the IL-76, flying up to the transport hatch at a very close distance. The distance between the planes was so small that the military communicated with the pilot with the help of gestures.

We note that the pilot showed significant skill, being in the zone of air flows of powerful engines. After this maneuver, Su-30SM effectively made a turn and changed its position.

Via: Odo Puiu Events


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