Scary Video Shows Moment Plane’s Engine Disintegrates Over The Atlantic

An Air France plane on the way to Los Angeles from Paris was forced to make an emergency landing Saturday. The 520 passengers, and accompanying crew, landed safely in Canada, after one of its engines blew out over the Atlantic Ocean.

According to multiple reports, passengers on the Airbus A380 noticed the damage, and busily tweeted pictures of the damaged engine. The plane, which is the largest passenger plane in the world, left Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris Saturday morning. Transmissions from air traffic control indicate it landed safely in Goose Bay, a Canadian town in the province of Newfoundland, at around 1:40 p.m. local time.

The plane was met by fire crews, but they weren’t needed. Upon inspection, its been reported that part of the engine cowling was missing, and pieces were scattered across the runway, but were cleaned up and Runway 26 was soon reopened.

Credit: Twitter @jacobsoboroff

In video footage taken by a passenger, Miguel Amador, the plane’s engine can be seen shortly after it blew apart. A thick cable is visible, flapping against the remaining engine, after the cowling disintegrated and the pilot declared a mayday.

A witness also captured video of the plane descending, making its emergency landing.

According to reports, passengers “reacted with horror” when they learned that the engine had failed. Travelers said the flight seemed normal. Passengers reportedly said they heard a “loud thud and a lot of vibration”.

Credit: Twitter @Bdaddy1391

John Birkhead, a passenger on the flight, reported via twitter that after hours on the tarmac, the plane had not yet allowed the passengers off. He said the airport lacks the proper stairs to deplane an aircraft of its type.

In responding to inquires about his video on Twitter, Amador said, “Hats off to the Captain and staff for their incredible response to this unfortunate situation.”

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