Small Passive House On Wheels Designed To Withstand Earthquakes

This small home on wheels is smart, modern, incorporates passive design principles and was even designed to withstand earthquakes! For those who love the idea of getting into an affordable home but are afraid that a Tiny House on wheels would be too small, this may be the ideal solution.

From the outside, the home’s jet black exterior is modern and striking. Inside, the theme is continued with it’s open, light and clean design.

This house has been constructed using structurally insulated panels, which is becoming more popular due to their inherent strength, high insulation value and the convenience of construction. The use of SIP’s in this home is similar to a house we have previously featured on this site.

Interestingly, this home on wheels has even managed to incorporate many principles of passive house design. The construction is virtually air-tight, and utilises a super efficient heat-recovery ventilation system. Essentially, passive homes are designed to control aspects of the internal environment in order to make them incredibly energy efficient.

You wouldn’t know it by just looking at the home, but it’s actually sitting on a trailer which is hidden behind the removable panels. At 13 x 3 meters (43 x 10 feet), this home is still highly transportable, although it does need to be lifted onto a truck in order to do so.

The trailer it sits on allows it to be simply moved and relocated on the property, but were originally incorporated into the design to help the structure to become earthquake resilient, an important aspect to consider when you live in a town such as Christchurch, which has suffered from many earthquakes and aftershocks since 2010.

Text source: livingbiginatinyhouse


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