Solar Powered Pod as Prototype for Tiny House, Mobile Office & More

The Innovation Pod is a modular structure that can be configured to different shapes, sizes, and purposes; like a carriage house, tiny house, mobile office, art gallery, cafe, food truck, and more.

This pod prototype (#2) was built and designed by Ottawa’s prototypeD, and is currently operated by MadeMill ( as a mobile digital media lab.

It’s unique curved roof was built with corrugated steel and is powered with 3kW of solar power feeding into an 11kWh battery bank.

Youtube: Exploring Alternatives

The digital media lab is a space where the public can come explore new digital technologies, like virtual reality (VR). The prototypeD team can import blueprints for a new building into VR so that a person can experience the space as though they are walking through it in real life.

Youtube: Exploring Alternatives

The pod in this video is heated with propane.

Via: Exploring Alternatives


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