Speedy Cop Turns Abandoned Plane Into Street-Legal Car

Car enthusiast cop Jeff Bloch amazes basically everyone who sees him as he cruises the streets in a converted plane. The 42-year-old police officer — dubbed Speedy Cop by his friends — combined an abandoned Cessna aircraft with a Toyota van to make his jaw-dropping ride.

The 27-foot vehicle was originally built for the 24 Hours of LeMons race in South Carolina, US, but since then, Jeff has made the car street legal.

Needless to say, Jeff’s plane/car gets a lot of looks and makes heads turn when it hits the road. At first, most people think a plane has crashed — but then, they slowly realize what they’re looking at.


Now, Jeff says that people follow him for miles. “There’s never been anything like this on the street — I mean obviously, you’ve never seen a plane driving around in traffic, I’m sure. People follow me for miles, wait for me to pull off the road so they can stop and ask what it is, and how it became what it is.”


If you think he gets weird looks on the street, imagine how people react when he goes through the drive-thru for a snack!

Jeff plans to continue driving, and hopes to always live up to his nickname.

Source:  AOL  Via: Barcroft Cars