Taxi Transformed Into Rat-Rod In Seven Days

44-year-old, Paul Bacon, spent £450 on a traditional black cab and with the help of some timber, fibreglass and expanding foam he managed to construct a rusty rat-rod that he now uses for work.

It took Paul just a week to finish the project – and he admits that he can no longer drive around his local town without receiving a few strange looks.

Paul, from Leicestershire, told Barcroft TV: “A lot of people that first see the van say it looks like something from a horror movie.

Paul did the majority of the work on the taxi inside his workshop at Cyclone Works.

The entire process cost a little over £1,000 – which Paul thinks is money well spent.

Credit: Barcroft Cars

With a rusty paint exterior, Paul added a cyclone-style cooler on the side of his front window to maintain the rat-rod theme.

The driver’s seat is taken from a 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that Paul predicted would fit perfectly.

Credit: Barcroft Cars

The engine is a standard 2.7 Nissan diesel that comes in all London taxis and whilst the van was never built for speed, Paul has managed to reach 65mph.

Source: Barcroft Cars


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