Shaman Avtoros 8×8 – The Perfect SUV For the Zombie Apocalypse

If you ever wanted an SUV that could handle the zombie apocalypse, then Avtoros has the vehicle for you.

This is the Avtoros Shaman. It may look like a Land Rover Defender on steroids, but it’s so much more than that. In fact, it could just be the greatest toy in the world.

The Shaman is a Russian creation intended for low-speed off-roading. It features a four-cylinder 3.0-liter diesel engine built by Italian commercial vehicle maker IVECO, a six-speed manual transmission, and of course, eight-wheel drive.

Credit: Top Gear

Each of its eight wheels drive and steer, giving it the tenacity to belittle any SUV you care to name, and the agility to trivialise its 6.3-metre length and 4.8-tonne kerbweight.

It’s not very fast, with the 146 hp diesel motivating it to a top speed of just 44 mph, but it’s virtually unstoppable off-road. It can even navigate deep water at a speed of 1.2 mph and travel sideways thanks to eight-wheel steering – something Avotoros calls ‘Crab Mode’.

Credit: Top Gear

You can watch LeBlanc sample the Shaman’s off-road capabilities and give us a tour of its military-grade interior (which even includes a McLaren F1-style central driving position).

Text credit: autoguide/shockmansion