This Touching Moment Of An Old Man Serenading His Dying Wife Will Surely Move You To Tears

With today’s society wherein marriage isn’t as sacred as before, as some believed that “forever” is just an ugly word, seeing couples going through good and bad times until they’re old is not a common sight anymore. But one couple will prove you wrong.

Though it is a bitter-sweet moment for this 92-year-old World War II veteran serenading his wife of 73 years on her deathbed, his romantic video has captured the hearts of many after their granddaughter posted it online.

A tear-jerking clip shows a veteran named Howard comforting and whispering to his dying wife Laura as she lay in a hospice facility.

old couple1

Laura, in her muffled voice,whispered to Howard: “You’re my sweetheart.”

He answered back,” Yeah I’m your sweetheart. I always was your sweetheart. I was your best love, I don’t know how many others you had but I was the best.”

She said, “Oh, I know it. I love you.”

old couple4

The couple then started singing “You’ll Never Know” by Rosemary Clooney with Harry James as it started to play in the background.

Sadly, Laura is now too weak to sing, but that doesn’t stop her from saying the words to him.

old couple2

Howard tearfully sang the remaining parts of the song while Laura, though blind lovingly said, “He likes me!”

old couple3

Watch the tender clip which has been viewed for almost 8 million times as of writing.

The song has been the couple’s favorite since Howard was sent overseas during World War II. It was the song that comforted Laura while her husband was away fighting in the war. When he returned home, they would sing it regularly during family events and special occasions like their 50th wedding anniversary.

“Moments before this video began, when Grandma heard that Grandpa was in the room, she asked if she could hold him. Grandpa cannot stand on his own, but he immediately pulled his wheelchair close to her bed ready to make it happen. My cousin, Serena, who is a physical therapist, helped him to his feet and held him up throughout the entire song.

‘You might notice above her bed there is a sign that says, “Patient Blind.” That is because she has macular degeneration, so she cannot see much of anything but shadows and light. That doesn’t stop her from looking deep into her love’s eyes. Grandpa, on the other hand, has lost most of his hearing, so you’ll notice us repeating things for him since Grandma is too weak to raise her voice.” said their granddaughter Erin Solari who uploaded the heartwarming video on YouTube.

This unbreakable relationship reminds us that love can and should last a lifetime. Such passion and love that is rarely seen in people these days. Beautiful!

Via: WB