The Two-Wheeled Electric Car of the Future Is Being Tested in China

The two-wheeled vehicle whizzing around a Beijing test track is a mashup of motorcycle, electric car and space capsule, wrapped around the brain of a smartphone. And engineer Zhu Lingyu believes it will be on public roads within two years, Bloomberg reported.

Inspired by a Ford Motor Co. concept car from 1961 that used gyroscopes to stay upright, Zhu built a streamlined version that resembles an escape pod from a science-fiction movie.

Credit: Giulia Marchi/Bloomberg

Beijing Lingyun Intelligent Technology Co. plans to build the gyrocar itself and may pick a domestic location for its factory this month, with a goal to start sales in 2020.

Credit: Giulia Marchi/Bloomberg

“I was told by a potential investor that I have zero chance to make the idea work,” Zhu, 40, reportedlysaid after a test drive of a prototype called the 1703. “But I firmly believe this is the future of urban transportation because it is exquisite, energy-saving and easy to manage. I have to make it.”

Text source: 4-traders


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