Watch a 3,000 Hummer H1 Blast Down a Sand Drag Strip

Let’s just get all the nutball stuff out of the way, first. Grant Fraysier had Steve Morris Engines build him a 10-liter (that’s 615 cid) big block Chevy V8 with a big ol’ ProCharger blower, ingesting methanol and spitting back roughly 3,000 hp on the highest boost setting.

Steve Morris filled the engine with aftermarket bits, and it’s running a dry sump oiling system, Holley EFI, coil-on-plug ignition, and SME’s own ancillaries.

And here’s what it can do, when installed in a (heavily modified) Hummer H1, at a sand-drag strip no less.

There’s no timing, but you don’t need a stopwatch to realize that’s one quick Hummer.

Here’s the shop to explain the build:

Source: roadandtrack Via: SME/