Watch a Four-Year-Old Crash a Remote-Control Volvo Dump Truck

Volvo’s FMX truck is said to be the company’s best, and the automaker made a video to prove that by rigging the truck with automatic controls in order for a 4-year-old girl to cause immense destruction.

The 4-year-old named Sophie can be seen in the video controlling the FMX via a remote control. From the look on her face, she was having a blast as the monster truck blasted its way through and over obstacles.

Surprisingly enough, this little girl controlled the truck better than we could ever have at her age. Who knows, even now we probably wouldn’t be able to control the truck in the same way she did.

Credit: volvo

At one point in the video, Sophie managed to turn the vehicle over, but it quickly rolled back on its wheels, and off it went. In the distance, Sophie could see a house situated on the track, and what did she do? That’s right, she rammed the FMX directly through the small building and everything went crashing down.

Credit: volvo

The look on her face as she commanded the FMX to complete chaos was priceless.

Credit: volvo

Luckily, the Volvo crew made sure no human life was on the tracks, and that the space was closed off for the possibility that Sophie might go off track.

We have to say, this is one of the weirdest truck commercials we have ever seen, and you know what? We want more, a lot more.

The video definitely shows how robust and sturdy this Volvo FMX truck is. It can explicitly handle rough driving and even manages to continue after turning over.

Text source: techtimes


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