Watch People Go Nuts When They Gathered Together to Witness a Total Solar Eclipse

Total solar eclipses don’t happen that often, so folks who are at the right geographical location to bear witness to this amazing phenomenon at least once in their lifetimes are deemed lucky.

It is truly a fortuitous event when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in perfect alignment, with the Moon blocking the Sun to form a total solar eclipse. And with the most recent one occurring across a few states, residents, who may be first-timers, were treated to the stunning event.

Credit: Veritasium

The science geek who runs his own YouTube channel Veritasium documented his whole experience. Together with a bunch of folks who wanted to be front and center on a hilltop as it happened, he took epic videos of both the total solar eclipse and the people going nuts around him.

Credit: Veritasium

It’s a good thing they all enjoyed it, since the next one happening over some parts of the country will be in 2024.

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Source: ZM