Watch This Tesla Model X Pull A Semi Truck Up A Snowy Hill

Tough driving conditions are spreading in North America with this massive wave of cold, which keeps going south, where people are not always well prepared to face snowy roads.

Even experienced semi truck drivers are not immune to it, but lucky for one truck driver stuck in the snow, a Tesla Model X was around to pull him out.
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Kyle Conner filmed his friend Ben Spreen pulled the truck with his Model X up a hill where the truck could get better traction.

In a comment on Facebook, Spreen says that the Model X was easily up to the task:

Credit: jalopnik

“No power limited at all. That really wasn’t hard on the car. I’ve driven it much harder without heat-soaking.”

That’s significantly over the Model X’s 5,000 lbs rated towing capacity, but it’s not surprising in term of power and torque. It’s also a testament to the great traction electric vehicles with all-wheel drive can get on the snow. Of course, good tires help tremendously.

If anything, it made for a cool video of an electric car pulling a massive diesel truck (video by Kyle Conner):

While it’s not shown in the video, Conner says that the Model X made it up the incline.

Source: electrek


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