Weapons of Mass Instructions – This Tank Library Encourages People to Read Books More!

Technology has become the major factor that less and less people are reading books. Kids in this generation choose high-tech gadgets than to read books. To encourage people to read books again,   7UP has teamed up with Buenos Aires-based artist Raul Lemesoff in the creation of ‘weapons of mass instruction’ in the celebration of “World Book Day” last March 5, 2015. Raul Lemesoff converted and customized a 1979 Ford Falcon into a military style tanks complete with a rotating upper chamber and pseudo-barrel

This military looking car can fit around 900 books in it’s built-in shelves offering books to people who are interested while driving around Argentina. The tank library of Lemesoff and 7UP is a continuation of their ‘Feels Good To Be You’ campaign, which highlights originality, wit, creativity, and innovation.

Raul Lemesoff and his Tank Library driving around the street of Argentina free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-4free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-1free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-7free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-9lemesoff9

The Tank Library that gives book to passerby  raul-lemesoff-traveling-library-weapons-of-mass-instruction-designboom-04free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-10free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-5free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-2

This image reminds me of what happened in China free-book-tank-library-weapon-of-mass-instruction-raul-lemesoff-8

But this time, the kid wasn’t run over by the tank instead he was given a book to read. raul-lemesoff-traveling-library-weapons-of-mass-instruction-designboom-08

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